Learning Outcomes of Postgraduate Alumni

Theoretical: To have basic engineering and mathematics knowledge in the fields of chemical engineering. To be able to use knowledge associated with theoretical, design, analytical, control and laboratory applications in the area of Chemical Engineering. To have flexible knowledge base to adapt to new or interdisciplinary technologies.
Application: To identify chemical engineering problems and to select the appropriate methods to develop a solution and apply them.
The ability to analyze and design Chemical Engineering Processes.

The ability to design an experiment, conduct an experiment, collect data, analyze and evaluate the results for R&D.
The ability to use software and information technologies related to chemical engineering.
The ability to follow, examine and apply the latest developments related to the job. The ability to collaborate with other disciplines, to generate a solution, to collect and evaluate data.
The ability to work independently and as part of a team, to take responsibility.

Attitude, Behavior and Professional Competences 
The ability to access information, to carry out literature search for this purpose and to use databases and other knowledge resources.
The ability to communicate both in writing and orally in English.

Admission Requirements
The raw score obtained by summing the specified percentages of a candidate’s cumulative GPA, postgraduate education entrance exam (ALES) score, foreign language score and oral examination score must meet the minimum score determined by the University Senate or exceed (The raw scores of students range within the quota limit and the students within the limit is admitted to postgraduate by ranging from the highest raw score.


Graduation Requirements

The semester score must be at least 65 (CC) to pass any course. The semester score is determined by summing 30% of midterm exam score and 70% of final exam score. Master’s degree is received in chemical engineering providing that the program qualifications are obtained upon successful completion of the courses and thesis study.

Degree / Title
MSc Chemical Engineer